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If verified this card would indeed be far faster than any current flash memory card. Thanks to the fact that MMC 4 allows for transfer of 4-bits of data in parallel this new card has a quoted write speed of around 18 MB/sec (120X) and a read speed of around 22. The new card is also backwardly compatible with standard SD / MMC devices. At Computex Taipei today Pretec demonstrated a new 2 GB card which conforms to the new MMC 4 standard and which Pretec are calling the ‘World’s Fastest Flash Memory Card’.

Phase One has announced that its excellent Capture One Pro workflow and RAW conversion software is now available for Mac OS X 10. A fully functional 30 day trial of C1 Pro is available for download. The new version of C1 Pro supports the full range of Canon Digital SLR’s including the EOS-1Ds, 1D, 10D, D30, D60 and 300D (Digital Rebel).

PMA 2002: 09:00 EST: Canon has today announced its sucessor to the popular EOS-D30 digital SLR. 3 megapixel CMOS sensor, improved LCD monitor, improved low light AF, shorter shutter release lag, viewfinder highlighted focus points, extended viewfinder information, parameter control in-camera, illuminated top LCD panel and more. The EOS-D60 maintains compatibility with D30 accessories (such as the battery grip). Despite the increase in resolution the D60 can still manage 3 fps for up to 8 frames. The EOS-D60 takes the D30 body to the next level, now with a 6.

  It was used to photograph auroras.     In 1981, the University of Calgary Canada ASI Science Team constructed the first operational digital camera which used a CCD (previous digital versions of the Calgary All-Sky Camera used an imager tube).   We believe we were the first digital camera history web site to provide a photo and information concerning this camera. UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY FAIRCHILD ALL-SKY CCD CAMERA – 1981.    The All-Sky camera used the first commercially available CCD, the Fairchild 100 x 100 pixel CCD of 1973 (see 1970s page), thus the name, Fairchild All-Sky Camera.   Unlike other early electronic cameras, the All-Sky Camera provided digital data rather than analog data, thus making it the first documented operational digital camera using a CCD imager.    Shown below:  Image of an aurora captured by the UC Fairchild All-Sky Camera.   Shown above left to right: camera exterior, camera interior, camera on location.

A source at Taiwanese DSC maker Primax Electronics acknowledged that Nikon is looking for OEM suppliers in Taiwan but could not identify how many firms have been contacted by the Japanese firm. If finalized, it would take about nine to 12 months for Taiwan’s makers to begin delivering DSCs to Nikon, the source said. An interesting article on DigiTimes. Com has said that Nikon may be planning to outsource production of its low-end digital still cameras to Taiwan.

All the latest digital camera reviews and digital imaging news. 197VideoDog Portraits with the Sony a6300. Better yet: The popular original. Vast samples galleries and the largest database of digital camera specifications. 1147action-packedSony a6500 First Impressions.

All the latest digital camera reviews and digital imaging news. 197VideoDog Portraits with the Sony a6300. Crops from TIFF originals replace. Vast samples galleries and the largest database of digital camera specifications. 97i wanna fly awayBest Camera Drones Under $.

Note the new pop-up flash and shifted viewfinder to make space for the larger lens mechanism. Pre-PMA 2002: 03:00 EST: Kyocera has today announced the new Finecam S4 (four megapixel, 3x optical zoom) and Finecam S3x (three megapixel, 3x optical zoom). The S4 is based around a four megapixel CCD sensor and the same 3x optical zoom lens used in the update S3x. The S3x is an ‘improved’ S3 with a new 3x optical zoom lens to replace the S3’s 2x unit. Prices in Japan for the S4 and S3x are expected to be 88,000 YEN (US0) and 98,000 YEN (US0) respectively.

Pre-PMA 2002: 00:01 EST: As a part of our coverage of Foveon’s X3 sensor technology this news article is a reproduction of a technology overview presentation provided by Foveon in its standard press kit. This overview summarises the method of the existing mosaic sensors and the way in which the new X3 sensor works.

Archos has today announced the AVCam 300, a digital still camera and camcorder attachment for their AV300 series portable audio and video players. The AVCam can store up to 40,000 3. 3-megapixel photos and record up to 80 hours of MPEG-4 video when used with the AV380. The AVCam has a 3. The AVCam is available on November 27th for 9. 3 megapixel CCD, plus a 3x Ricoh optical zoom.

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